PETASIL® is a vibrant kids footwear brand. Established in 1988, in the heart of Portugal’s historic shoe industry - St. Joao da Madeira. PETASIL® creates stylish fashionable footwear while ensures kids foot care at the forefront.


PETASIL® specializes in children footwear for a better fit, both widths and sizes.


All PETASIL® footwear are crafted from the finest quality leather, and the soles are produced to be as soft and flexible as possible.


PETASIL is a member of The Society of Shoe Fitters in England.

A member of

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“We believe a little twist will help young children put their shoes on the correct feet.“

Sometimes children (especially pre-school) wear shoe on wrong feet. It is cute to see their smiling as they hurry to catch up with others and don’t care about their shoes are on the wrong feet.

Mr. Poco works with PETASIL in developing a 2-colour insole unlike the ordinary shoes always come in one colour. We believe a little twist will help your children put their shoes on the correct feet.

* This little caring feature will only availble in our Pre-Order Shoes.