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OMY DIY Tee - 2

OMY DIY Tee - 2

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Drawing on your clothes... now, it’s allowed!

Draw a portrait of your friends, your parents or your teacher, your family with OMY permanet felt-tip markers...


1 - To make it easier for you to draw, and to stop the colour going through the tee shirt material, start by slipping a piece of cardboard under the area where you are about to draw.

2 - Draw the design on your tee shirt with the felt tips provided in your box.

3 - Leave your design to dry for 2-3 minutes before touching it.

4 - Place a piece of lightweight cotton fabric over your design, then iron it on medium heat for 2-3 minutes. NB: don’t iron straight on to the design.

5 - Your design is now fixed and won’t wash out!


- 1 tee shirt for you to customise

- 8 permanent felt-tip fabric markers

Materials & Spec 產品物料及規格

Shipping & Returns 運送及退換

Dimensions 產品尺寸

Care Instructions 保養說明

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