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Däumling First Walker Shoes - Waxy Mint

Däumling First Walker Shoes - Waxy Mint

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Over the years Däumling have gained a big reputation in the market for perfectly fitting children´s shoes and have been one of the very first manufacturers to implement the “WMS”- system the market.

The “Bioline” ® model "Nedal”, a newly developed product line from Däumling®. An ultra-soft children's shoe that optimally supports the natural rolling of the foot during movement - a feeling like “walking barefoot”. The muscles and tendons of the child's foot are naturally strengthened and healthy walking behavior can develop. 

Product Features:

  • Upper Materials: Finest organic real leather, 100% free of harmful substances
  • Metal Parts: Nickel-free
  • Removeable insole made of vegetable tanned leather with the “intelligent green zone”, that indicates if the shoes have the correct length to make sure the children´s feet have enough space for their natural rolling movement.
  • Lining: Real leather, tanned chrome-free
  • Outsole Materials: Natural rubber with cork inclusions
  • Velcro Fastening:  The shoe can be optimally adapted to every child's foot. 
  • Elastic band has been incorporated in the heel area, which ensures optimal rock hardness. 
  • 100% Made in Germary
Size Insole Length (mm) Outsole Width (mm)
EU 20 134 58.5
EU 21 140 59.8
EU 22 147 60
EU 23 154 60.5
EU 24 160 61.5
EU 25 167 62
EU 26 174 63

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