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HABA Dragon's Breath

HABA Dragon's Breath

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2018 best kids game according to the Kinderspiel des Jahres jury, is Dragons Breath, also known as Funkelschatz.

Education Elements

  • Concentration & Observation
  • Fine Motor Skills


  • Four young dragons and one dragon dad, try to get the most gems out of a ice column filled with them. Each round the young dragons will pick a gem color that they think will come out of the ice when the dad melts it.
  • Once they have all picked the dad will pick up the top most ring, allowing some gems to fall off the tower to be collected by the young ones. There is also some holes in the board that if a gem falls in there, it goes to the dad and he may win.
  • After all the gems that fell have been collected, the young dragons pick again what color they will collect and the next ring comes off. This will continue until all the rings are gone and then whoever has the most gems is the winner.

Product Details

  • Ages: 5-99
  • Number of Players: 2-4
  • Game Duration: 15 mins
  • Contents include: 1 dragon dad, 1 box base with 4 dividers, 1 game board, 4 dragon children, 9 ice rings, 90 sparkling stones (18 in each of 5 colors), 5 sparkling stone tiles, 1 ice floe tile, 1 set of instructions
  • Made in Germany
  • Rules in both English and Chinese


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