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Kaze Original Individual Serise (10 pcs)

Kaze Original Individual Serise (10 pcs)

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  • 3-dimensional respirator mask
  • One-day Disposable
  • Ergonomic shape for extra comfort
  • 5-ply class-A material
  • Adjustable ear band
  • View test reports here
  • 10 pieces per box
  • Each piece is individually packed and can be resealed

Are KAZE respirators Reusable?

KAZE are one-day disposables. Please keep the resealable packet each comes in for storage between meals.

Can I wear KAZE respirators into surgery?

KAZE respirators are not classified as surgical. However, they are certified FFP2 and KN95, which means they offer sufficient protection for daily use.

Can I trust KAZE?

As respirators, KAZE go through more rigorous testing conditions than 3-ply surgical masks. But in multiple global lab tests, KAZE respirators have consistently achieved international standards of filtering out particles (PFE) of more than 95% and bacteria (BFE) of more than 99.9%. KAZE are officially certified KN95 and FFP2.

Materials & Spec 產品物料及規格

Shipping & Returns 運送及退換

Dimensions 產品尺寸

Care Instructions 保養說明

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