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KidyEars Wired Headphones

KidyEars Wired Headphones

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Magnetic Detachable Ears

Children will be able to listen to music, watch a movie on a tablet or listen to their story box Lunii or Bookinou. All while having fun with removable and magnetic ears.
The KIDYEARS headphones will be an ideal traveling companion, relaxation and all forms of audio learning.

Sound Limitation
This children’s headphones complie with the current European legislation on maximum sound volume. It is limited to 85dB to protect their eardrums.

Double jack wired audio headset
The KIDYEARS headset has two 3.5mm jack inputs / outputs so that the holder can share the sound with one or more friends. Thanks to its wired connectivity, the headphones do not broadcast any audio waves to children.

FUN customization
With its magnetic ears, children can play indefinitely by personalizing their headphones.

• Limited to 85dB
• Dual 3.5mm jack inputs / outputs
• Magnetic and removable ears
• CE Certification
• No audio waves

Materials & Spec 產品物料及規格

Shipping & Returns 運送及退換

Dimensions 產品尺寸

Care Instructions 保養說明

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