8 easy and creative gift wrapping idea to surprise your kids

8 easy and creative gift wrapping idea to surprise your kids

We all know how much kids love receiving gifts, so why not take the joy even further and pack those gifts into something creative and pretty?


Look for materials that are readily available and turn them into great alternative to traditional wrapping paper. Follow this link

 Reference: https://woodlarkblog.com/eco-friendly-and-reusable-gift-wrap-ideas/

2. Summer beach

Kids love seasides and beaches! Here are some great ideas to bring some sunshine to your next Christmas celebration!

Follow the tutorial from Growing Spaces!

3. Furoshiki Cloth

Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese way of wrapping gifts or personal belongings in special cloth, not only looks pristine — it can be re-used, re-purposed into something great such as kids’ bento box carrier!

Get tutorial on youtube

4. Pretty Pom Pom

A fluffy topper outdoes a bow any day. Be creative or steal some ideas from pom.maker to sweeten up your gift!

5. Super cute and easy DIY drawing on just plain paper

This one is super simple and kids will love it! Simple doodling step by step tutorial, just follow!

Get tutorial from  MrPrintables

6. For the fans of train, car and planes and more …

Add the favourite automobile to lighten up the little ones, you will see their eyes glow with smiles!

Follow this easy tutorial at Gimme some oven

7. Transform your next gift into a fun creature with monster gift wrapping

This little creature will surely wow your next party.

Get the tutorial at Housing A Forest

8. Chalkboard doodle

It’s simple and will never get old! Put your drawing skills to the test with a little freehand design made in white paint pen. Try adding trees, banners, wreaths, snowflakes, and stars.

Follow tutorial on Nashville Wraps


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