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BLAFRE Lunch Box - Owl (2-Comp)

BLAFRE Lunch Box - Owl (2-Comp)

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  • Two practical rooms inside the box
  • How are the boxes open to children? We have worked a lot with the opening mechanism. The tractor and the elephant are narrowest in the middle and therefore easiest to open for small children's hands - the boxes are good to grip and easy to open. All types (tractor, owl and elephant) are easiest to open when there is food (and thus weight) in the boxes. Then you can easily lift the lid up and down. The owl food box also has an extra grip on the back, since it has a slightly more generous stomach size (fond of food ...) than the tractor and the elephant
  • Recyclable and BPA-free plastic
  • Made of plastic (HDPE) without BPA and phthalates
  • Withstands large temperature differences (-40º to + 120º)
  • Transport dimensions: 21.5 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 0.2080 kg

About use

  • Wash thoroughly before use
  • Should not be used in a microwave oven (we want to be careful, although we know that many products made with the same type of plastic are marked with "microwave safe". If you have greasy food in the box, however, the plastic can melt during such use).
  • Love the dishwasher

This lunch box is designed, developed and produced in Norway - ready to hold sweaty brown cheese or heart-shaped cucumber pieces. The quality is top notch, without dingy substances such as BPA. The tractor also thrives in the car wash (the one under the kitchen counter).


Designer and entrepreneur Ingrid grew up on a farm in Western Norway. Grandfather's old tractor stood there for a long time collecting bird droppings while it reminisced about old and humming days in steep fields. It is clear BLAFRE had to brush the dust off such a great machine and have a tractor on boxes and things and pliers.

In Norway, the first tractor came to Helgeland, more specifically Dønnesgodset, in 1908. The tractor development slowed down towards the war, but when Ferguson launched his "Gray Ass", things picked up speed. There is no doubt that tractors are popular in Norway. Products with this design are among our most popular.

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