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Happy Little Doers

Learn Shapes Flashcards

Learn Shapes Flashcards

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  • 24 double-sided Montessori style 2D and 3D shapes and shapes to trace (same great value as Happy Little Doers' number cards)
  • A simple dot to dot connection to learn to draw the shape and help understand the number of points and sides to each shape
  • The shapes included are: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cone, cube and cuboid
  • The following shapes are also included: oval, diamond, parallelogram,  nonagon, decagon, semicircle, crescent, star, trapezium, heart, hemisphere and triangular prism.  These shapes are useful for Year 2 and beyond when edges, vertices and faces come into play
  • Each pack comes with 8 fun ways to play and discover shapes, helping to learn in a fun and engaging way
  • The pack also contains a prewriting card, designed to highlight developmental ages to encourage your child to draw and write independently
  • Suggested Age: preschool (aged 2+), Reception (early years, ages 4-5 years) and Year 1 (ages 5-6 years)

Materials and Specifications

  • Black and white high contrast for two-dimensional shapes and simple colours to separate and highlight three-dimensional shapes
  • Child-friendly font for ease of legibility
  • The rounded edges making them safe and perfect for little hands
  • Their modern style and lasting finish mean they can be used right through primary school.
  • Each pack is supplied in a sturdy recycled keepsake box
  • All cards printed on FSC durable paper stock, with a matt laminated finish so they can be wiped clean
  • The ink used is 100% eco-friendly and entirely plant-based, manufactured from renewable sources.
  • The box is 125mm W x 165mm L x 22mm D
  • Each card is A6 105mm x 148mm

Materials & Spec 產品物料及規格

Shipping & Returns 運送及退換

Dimensions 產品尺寸

Care Instructions 保養說明

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