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Mommy’s Little Helper Play Book

Mommy’s Little Helper Play Book

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The revolutionary interactive educational playbook comes with a package of innovative 10 pages of activities based on Montessori education for your child that helps them explore their imagination and creativity and make the learning experience captivating and never boring.

All the activity ornaments are detachable and are affixed by Velcro making them interesting and engaging for young minds.
Product dimensions: 24cm (l) x 28cm (h).

What your child will learn

Lacing the Shoes, Importance of Family, Baking the Cookies, Setting up the Dinner Table, Turn on & off Oven, Counting, Prepare Breakfast, Wash Clothes, Type of Utensils, Hang Clothes to Dry 

1. Problem Solving: Activities like lacing the shoes will help your child to boost their problem-solving skills.

2. Self Expression: Every activity will give an extra chance to think & self-express which will help your kid in the enhancement of creative imagination. 

3. Take Actions: Taking actions on their own by kids is the best part of the playbook. 

4. Social Skills: Understanding household chores & the Importance of family will boost your child’s social skills.

5. Fine Motor Skills: The detachable ornaments in each activity helps in building hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and visual acuity

Why should you buy

Surveys stated that above 90% of the kids indulge themselves in watching cartoons and playing games on mobile for more than 5 hours a day. It will affect the mental health of kids for sure. Here come our educational toys for kids as a saviour. On the brighter side, Mommy’s Little Helper Playbook is one of the best educational playbooks for kids as it ensures your child learns through creative playing helping the young brains to think and act on their own. Imposing education through a toy medium is not what children look for. It is the point where many parents pick the wrong toy. Perfect educational toys for kids should have the ability to attract children by the creativity and madness incorporated in them.

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