PETASIL Size & Fitting Guide


1) Download and print our foot measure chart. Make sure print to actual document size.

2) Place this foot measure chart on the floor and let your child stand with heel placed just in front of the orange line.

3) Measure both feet from heel to the longest toe. You should use the largest measurements when choosing a size for your child.

4) Then add 10-15 mm to your actual foot length to calculate the shoe size.
Compare with the size guide to find out the shoe size you should order.


Some of our styles offer different shoe widths. If your child have wider feet, we recommend you to measure their width as well.

1) Cut out the width measuring tape on the dotted line or use your own tape.

2) Wrap the width ruler around the ball of your child’s foot until it joins the starting point. Measure both feet.

3) Record the measurement. Compare with the width guide to find out the fit you should order.