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Maxi Micro Deluxe LED

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Cruise the streets, clean the oceans - with our Eco Mini Micro Deluxe

  • Age 5 to 12
  • Max rider weight 50kg
  • Max rider height 152cm
  • Scooter weight 2.5kg
  • Adjustable handlebar 68-91cm
  • Deck made from recycled discarded fishing nets
  • Handle can be removed from base with one click

At Micro they are firm believers that everyday actions impact the planet we live on. So a new range of Eco scooters is launched - made using discarded fishing nets that pollute our oceans. They recover discarded ocean plastic and transform it into the durable, colour-pop material used for our decks. What hasn't changed is the deluxe ride kids love - from intuitive lean-to-steer design, to adjustable handlebar for years of scooting adventures. And of course all Micros are built to last - with the highest quality, replaceable parts - so they can be passed on and never end up in landfill. Available in Micro's exclusive Ocean Green colourway. Now we can help kids not just explore their planet - but protect it too.